Valentine’s Day Roses: Are a Classic Valentines Gift

Valentine’s Day flowers are the best gift to celebrate your relationship, be it with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, friends, family or just acquaintances.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in all over the world. People celebrate love on this day. Though the origin of this day is associated with Roman emperor and Christian priest yet it is celebrated by people of all religion and community. People consider this day as an event to express and celebrate genuine love which is not bounded for couples only. Just like any other festival gifts are exchanged on this festival too. When you are planning to gift a surprise and Valentine’s Day flowers for your love interest, gauge your feelings and find the best suitable flower of love for your Valentine.

Choose the right shade of Valentine’s Day roses here are the meanings of different colored roses explained.

Valentine’s Day Roses

Valentine’s Day Roses

Red roses

Since time immemorial red roses are regarded as the flower of love. Red roses are readily associated with love and passion and desire. Giving out red roses will the message ‘I love you’ clearly and loudly. Hence, using the approach of Valentine’s Day florists particularly feel pressure to keep up with the demand for red roses.

Yellow Roses

Nit only the love which is celebrated around the occasion of love but true friendship also. Yellow roses indicate the real friendship and freedom which doesn’t bind the relation but gives real love and care of friends. Yellow roses also indicates happiness and glory and used for congratulations.

White Roses

Take an offbeat path to convey your message of love. While everyone else gives a red rose for valentines day, you go ahead and charm your beloved with a white rose. White roses are a pure symbol of true love, romance, reverence and charm. Buy white roses online from our collections.

Pink roses

Different shades of pink roses are actually available for one to choose from. The color palette contains subtle pink to deep pink. Pink roses are often associated with sweetness, happiness and joy. They will also mean gratitude and admiration. Hence, are perfect to make your feelings known to your valentine. Depending upon the depth of your relation you are able to choose from pale pink roses to deep pink roses.

Orange and coral roses

Orange and coral roses represent desire, enthusiasm, happiness and pride. Coral roses are appropriate to send as ‘thank you gift’. Orange roses ensure a cross-over between desire, represented by red roses and friendship, represented by yellow roses. Hence, they create an ideal choice of flowers when you have to express your subtle emotions.

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